100+ Raja Rao Quotes

Raja Rao, a distinguished Indian novelist, paints a vivid canvas of thought through his insightful quotes. His words, such as “The world has room but for one language, and that is not English or French or Spanish or German, it’s the language of the heart,” and “You have to seek the spiritual. There is no other way,” reflect his exploration of identity, spirituality, and language. Rao’s quotes delve into the interplay of cultures, the depth of human consciousness, and the quest for inner truth. With eloquence, he intertwines philosophy and literature, inviting readers to ponder the universal human experience and the profound connection between literature and the soul.

Raja Rao Quotes

The past is a series of forgotten presents.

A writer’s creation reflects his psychology, his character, his intellect. His own philosophy is seen in the pattern he makes.

A novelist is always an exile in search of the truth.

Art comes out of pain.

There are many ways to God, my son. I hope you find one that brings you peace.

Only when we have worked within ourselves can we begin to work in the outside world.

No matter what we do or where we are, every living thing on this planet is part of a universal dream..

It is not the senses that we should distrust, but our prejudices.

Language cannot contain meaning. Words can only contain lies.

You cannot know yourself. For you are what you know.

In art, beauty can never be separate from truth.

All wars are fought over resources or the sources of resources.

The value of the object is not in itself, but in what others have set upon it.

I am a lover of truth, a worshipper of freedom, a celebrant at the altar of language and purity and tolerance.

We are people of a new world. But our minds are old.

In India, to question is often to suffer.

Everything we say carries within it our purpose, our motive.

In writing, man can be himself, not a member of his race.

A novel tells us something about a man and his circumstances, about what he is, and what he may become.

The world is like a grain of sand in a glass globe.

Only the one who can say, ‘I am the One’ will be able to say, ‘I am not the one.’

Every reality has a dream at its base. Every dream has a reality as its bride.

He was silent and strong like a tree, as persistent as the dawn.

A stone, after all, cannot argue or protest. It can only be an obstacle, silent, enigmatic, immovable.

What man dares to describe himself as he is?

What can I say to the one who believes that truth is only what he believes?

A woman becomes beautiful when she speaks and becomes ugly when she is silent.

Once we have worked within ourselves, then we can work in the outside world.

It is difficult to speak of our intentions, even to ourselves.

No one can know the truth of another’s past.

When a man tells you about himself, he is describing the society he lives in.

We are divided only to understand our unity. We are diverse only to understand the simplicity of truth.

When we are with the world, we strive to forget ourselves. When we are alone, we try to remember.

A true story is one which is told in such a way that it makes you feel that it has happened to you.

A novel can only be read individually, silently, and in solitude.

The past is made up of so many incidents, events, situations, individuals.

When you see something, you put it into words, and then it is done.

Art is personal, life is social.

What does it matter whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian?

It is the same sun that rises over the African forests, over the Asian plains, over the American prairies.

The novel is born of the marriage of moral and amoral, or moral and immoral, or moral and human.

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