100+ Sonali Bendre Quotes

Sonali Bendre, the talented Indian actress and author, has shared insightful and inspiring quotes that reflect her resilience and positive outlook on life. Her journey through challenges, including her battle with cancer, has shaped her perspective on gratitude, inner strength, and the power of self-love. From quotes like “The moment you realize you are not just a body, but also a soul, your whole perspective towards life changes” to “Life is too short to be anything but happy,” Sonali’s words offer encouragement to embrace life’s uncertainties with grace and optimism. Her messages on family, friendship, and the importance of cherishing every moment resonate deeply with her admirers, reminding us to find joy in the little things and to live life to the fullest. Sonali Bendre’s quotes serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to find strength in adversity and to spread positivity and love wherever life may lead.

Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre Quotes

Life goes on, and one should look ahead and not backward.

All we have is the knowledge passed on to us by our elders, experiences we inculcate and hardly negate. But to bridge the generation gap, one needs to adapt to the new while retaining the goodness of the old.

The point of human evolution is adapting to circumstance. Not letting go of the old, but adapting it, is necessary.

I am a Maharashtrian but was not brought up in Maharashtra, as my father worked in CPWD and was transferred every two years. So I have always been a gypsy. I, therefore, could not make good friends, and it still takes me a long time to form attachments.

During Holi, my mom prepares lovely puran polis, and everyone in my family makes an exception in their diet plan to include this delicious food item!

For a movie actor, the biggest challenge on TV is the number of close-up shots.

I tell women who have gone through cancer that healing from it requires receiving care, receiving support, letting friends and family rally around us. It is time to receive.

Every cancer is different. The symptoms and treatments are different, and every human body deals with it differently. There are no formulas to it. That, I think, was the biggest takeaway for me.

Time management is surely the most critical aspect of acing multiple arenas: home, work, and family.

There’s a hidden Goth in me: I have a dark sense of humour; I have a dark sense of fashion.

I believe, as human beings, we sometimes indulge in self pity more than it’s necessary. Over my life’s journey, I have realised that overthinking about your problems and indulging in self-pity is not the answer to get through tough times.

I am a completely self-made person. It’s been a tough journey – I learnt on the job, worked 48 hours without sleeping..

Comfort is always a priority, but that doesn’t mean, just for the sake of comfort, I will wear some silly stuff and make myself look tacky.

Sonali Bendre

My whole life turned upside down once I became a mother.

I feel I should get better at my fitness regimen, but I think it’s about doing it more regularly rather than expecting miracles. There are no shortcuts.

I land in New York, and next day, we go to the doctor. He looks at everything, and we had sent all our tests, and he says, ‘You know, it is fourth stage, and you have 30% chance of survival.’

Every time I feel fearful of something now, I do it.

I came from a very middle class Maharashtrian family. It was a big step to get into movies. My family was shocked.

I have endorsed every hair product in my career. Looks have been my bread, butter, jam. Looks are important in our society.

My routine is very simple because I realised that the more complicated the exercise sessions are, the less likely I am to make it for them. They have to be simple and doable in my daily routine.

I read anything and everything. Comfort food for my brain is fantasy fiction or science fiction.

When I shaved my hair, my friends asked me to keep it, maybe make my own wig out of it, but I wanted the old hair to go; it was not mine. I wanted to let go.

My parents are naive in their morality of things, and so, without realising it, I landed up being ethical and having strong opinions.

I have never planned my career. I never wanted to be an actress. Films were an instinctive step, just like modelling and television.

There is no reason to compare Bollywood and Marathi films. Both have their own charm.

Unless you are aggressive, you will never become number one.

As I started parenting, I realised there is no formula to it.

Initially, I was like, ‘I can handle anything. What’s the big deal about being a mother?’ I was not prepared for the changes which are so subtle that they creep up on you.

If you are agitated, children tend to think that they have done something wrong.

Personally, I wear a lot of my mother-in-law’s chiffons and my mother’s silk. But when I buy saris for myself, then they have to be understated.

I know people have always seen me in very fitted clothes because that is required and so is done, but personally, I like the deconstructed look.

For a formal look, I wear saris, and certain occasions require a dressed up look. But wherever I can, I like being in something easy and casual.

Sonali Bendre

As a writer, penning down personal stuff was not easy for me, as it was way too close to my heart.

My writing did turn out to be quite intact, as it has all my experiences gathered at one place.

My memories of the whirlwind ’90s are a blur of work schedules. I was completing my B. Com. degree in 1991 when I took to modelling and acting in TV serials. A year later, I found my foothold in movies.

Getting married and having children is an evolution process, a live social experiment no one is documenting.

My son can be as open as he wants with me, but he cannot forget I am his mother and that all will not be forgiven.

Once you are a parent, everything takes a back seat. It ceases to be a role. It is a reality. Once I had Ranveer, I realised that I was cracking under the pressure and that I cannot be a superwoman. I had to open myself to learning.

Being a fitness enthusiast, I try to stay away from overindulgence. I make sure my family eats healthy, too.

I love French cuisine. From crepes to the variety of cheese and seafood preparations, this cuisine is so innovative and fresh. It offers something for every kind of foodie.

If I return to films, the feeling to do it must come from the heart.

I think you should allow your kid to know and watch what is dangerous instead of keeping them away from it. Otherwise, how will she or he know that it is unsafe?

I have two full-time jobs: one of a mother and the other of an actor. Both are equally important, and that’s why I’m busy 24×7.

I’m so glad that my profession helps me find a balance. I have the luxury to choose between my work and my family. Many women don’t. I thank my stars for whatever I have.

Why should I limit myself or drive myself towards a woman-centric film. Sometimes, the most interesting role is not that of the protagonist.

I think I’ve been pretty private as a person. Nobody really knows me.

The parenting books didn’t work for me; I got my parenting lessons from everything but the books! And it was about figuring things out. So every time I had a thought, I would put down my conclusions and thoughts.

Bengalis have the best skin and hair; there’s something more about the fish from here. I think I will start ordering fish from Bengal!

Travelling makes my work more stressful and tiring and leaves me with little spirit for exercise.

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