100+ Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Quotes

Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, often referred to as Vyasa, is a revered sage and central figure in Hindu mythology. His profound teachings encompass a wide array of life’s facets. His quotes emphasize the eternal truths of existence, from the importance of self-awareness: “Know your true self, for therein lies wisdom,” to the pursuit of righteousness: “Dharma guides the righteous, even through darkness.” Vyasa’s words also highlight the essence of devotion: “In devotion, the heart finds its truest solace,” and the impermanence of life: “Like ripples in water, all things shall pass.” His insights into human nature are encapsulated in sayings like: Vyasa’s wisdom is a timeless source of guidance, illuminating the path to inner harmony, spiritual growth, and a meaningful life.

Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Quotes

The mind is fickle and restless; it is hard to restrain and difficult to control. But it can be conquered through practice and dispassion.

Strive to live in harmony with all living beings, for in their welfare lies your own welfare.

True knowledge is not gained through the senses alone; it is the result of discernment and contemplation.

The wise recognize the impermanent nature of the world and seek that which is eternal.

Ignorance is the root cause of suffering; wisdom is the path to liberation.

Desire, attachment, and aversion are the chains that bind the soul; detach yourself to attain freedom.

The mind is the key to both bondage and liberation; it is your choice how you wield this key.

Purity of heart leads to clarity of thought, and clarity of thought leads to wisdom.

It is through self-discipline and control that the mind can be tamed and directed towards higher goals.

Actions performed with selflessness and without attachment lead to the path of righteousness.

The body is temporary, but the soul is eternal; focus on the eternal to rise above the transient..

The true nature of reality can only be understood through inner reflection and spiritual insight.

Forgiveness is the mark of a noble heart; let go of anger and resentment to attain peace.

Be truthful in thought, word, and deed, for truthfulness is the foundation of righteousness.

By serving others and practicing selflessness, one finds fulfillment and purpose..

The greatest wealth is contentment, and the greatest happiness is in the absence of desires.

Control the senses like a charioteer controls his horses; they can lead you astray or towards your goal.

Let your actions be inspired by love and compassion, for they lead to the path of virtue.

Meditation is the key to self-realization; in stillness, the truth of the self is revealed.

Even in moments of adversity, maintain equanimity and a calm mind.

Knowledge without humility is a dangerous weapon; wisdom is grounded in humility.

The path to self-realization requires patience, perseverance, and unwavering dedication.

The essence of dharma is to do what is right, regardless of personal gain or loss.

The world is a play of illusion; seek the unchanging reality behind the changing appearances.

The soul is beyond birth and death; it is eternal and unchanging.

The mind is like a wild elephant; only through discipline and training can it be tamed.

Self-knowledge is the foundation of self-mastery and spiritual growth.

Detachment does not mean renunciation of responsibilities; it means performing duties without attachment to results.

Offer your actions to the divine; this transforms mundane actions into acts of devotion.

Through self-awareness, one can rise above the limitations of the mind and senses.

The purpose of life is to attain self-realization and unity with the divine.

Do not be swayed by praise or criticism; remain steadfast in your principles.

Let your thoughts be pure and your intentions sincere; this is the way of the wise.

By practicing non-violence and compassion, one contributes to the welfare of all beings.

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge of the self; seek to know your true nature.

Attachment to the past and anxiety about the future cloud the present moment; be present and mindful.

The world is a mirror; it reflects back to you the qualities you project.

Respect all forms of life, for the divine dwells within every being.

Time erases all things; focus on that which is beyond time.

As the lotus blooms amidst the mud, the enlightened soul rises above worldly desires.

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