100+ Johnny Lever Quotes

“100+ Johnny Lever Quotes” is a delightful collection of humorous and witty quotes from the iconic Indian comedian, Johnny Lever. With over a hundred quotes, this compilation showcases Johnny Lever’s unique sense of humor and his ability to bring laughter to audiences. Each quote is a reflection of his comedic genius, making it a valuable resource for fans of his work and anyone in need of a good laugh. Whether you’re a fan of Indian comedy or simply enjoy witty one-liners, this anthology provides a lighthearted and entertaining journey through Johnny Lever’s quotes.

Johnny Lever Quotes

“Life in Bollywood was not easy. It took me many years to establish myself it was a struggle.”

If I’m not comfortable doing something, I’ll refuse the role altogether.

My golden phase was unarguably between the 90s and 2000s.

My first show was in Patkar Hall next to Bombay Hospital. It was a total flop. I was so nervous standing in front of all those people that I completely froze. I forgot all my lines and the audience booed me off the stage. I realised that day that you have to earn the audience’s appreciation. They aren’t fools.

If I get a well-defined role and properly etched scenes, then I feel motivated to perform better.

I am just like any regular person. I am a fun-loving guy, which is reflected in my acting. I love to spend time with my family like any other person.

My son had a tumour on his neck. We went for surgery but it failed because the tumour was difficult to remove. Later, we went to New York for his surgery. I was scared as his first operation had failed. I went to church and met a pastor. He told me to go ahead, God would take care of everything. And the surgery was successful.

As soon as a big amount is involved, the producer looks for a bankable face. No producer will make a Rs 20 crore film starring Rajpal Yadav and Johny Lever, as we cannot pull an entire film on our shoulders. Yet, we do get roles.

I focus on my work while some people unnecessarily complicate life.

Comedy is a very difficult thing to do.

For making a good comedy film, you need a good writer whose craft can be understood through the time that he takes to write his script.

One has to accept that change is the only constant in our lives.

I was always taught to do something to have an identity of your own. Forget your mom, dad, brother, sister, regardless of how big they are, you should do things by yourself, even if it means selling clothes or pens on the road.

In standup, you must be able to hypnotize the audience.

I actually see comedy in death.

There’s a phase for everyone, where actors need to slow down and reinvent themselves.

Artists like Mehmood, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan are performers… they are born in centuries.

I won’t do roles that are dirty, full of double meaning dialogues and vulgar gestures. Though such roles had made me a star, my conscience was against doing such scenes.

I speak Telugu, so learning Kannada was not all that tough.

Back To Dad’ gives a message that every youngster should learn and this is surely going to leave a very strong impact on the masses.

In fact, I get angry when people laugh at me. I go to the airport and the ground hostess starts laughing at me when she sees me. I get irritated and ask them if I just did some comedy for them to laugh like that. But then I apologise because I know they must have remembered some movie scene that I did.

I have done many films and spoke different languages.

Talent is given by God but you should respect it by doing good work.

I would love to do a substantial role but it has to suit me, my personality. Only then will I take it up.

We lived in a slum area in the suburbs of Mumbai.

I prefer improvising, rather than creating comedy out of thin air.

In any art, if you want to become successful, you have to be willing to sacrifice.

People often call me saying: ‘Johnny, we have a role that we think only you can do.’ If I like the character, then I instantly say yes to them.

Cinema is a larger-than-life representation. I wish to bring it to the small-screen.

To do comedy, there are so many hurdles one has to cross.

A person who is a comedian does comedy in real life, too. But then there are others, too, who are very good in real life, but can’t perform in front of the camera. They get nervous. Nevertheless, an inborn comedian does comedy whether he is in films or not.

Some hidden talent lies within everyone.

Ek Tappa Out’ is a huge platform for the new talent and I think everyone should exploit this opportunity.

Comedy comes from childhood only. The humour genes you are born with remain with you. I was always making mischief and making people laugh.

A supportive actor’s career depends upon the variety that he showcases in all his roles. If his roles will be similar to one another, then his career will not have a long run.

My poverty taught me a lot. If someone dies, I cannot cry as I have seen so much hardship and death. I went to shoot even the day my dad had died. Death is reality.

I feel very proud as a father when my daughter is being recognised for her talent and hard work.

I studied only till class VII at the Andhra Society High School, Wadala and dropped out when I realised that education was not my cup of tea.

Most filmmakers, who offer me roles say ‘Johnny bhai, come on the sets and do what you feel like.’ That isn’t the way I like to work.

I am not funny in real life, but it’s my work to make people laugh.

Standup is like shorthand. Every bit must be both brief and profound or the audience will lose interest.

It is said that a person who makes other people laugh has a lot of pain in his heart. On the contrary, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a comedian and don’t nurse such thoughts.

I don’t boast about being a holy person but I know that prayer can do miracles.

I want to make the kind of films that Charlie Chaplin did.

I believe in God, but I also believe that God is one.

I am a very sensitive person, I cannot bear to be rude to others.

My son assisted a few directors and my daughter does stand up acts with me.

For artists like me nothing matters more than the audience’s respect.

The level of comic performance has certainly gone down over the years.

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