100+ Janmashtami Quotes

This Janmashtami, may you be blessed with happiness and joy. If you are living away from your loved ones, send the following quotes and messages to wish them Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2023. One of the most joyous festivals celebrated by Hindus is the Krishna Janmashtami. Some people will be celebrating the festival on September 6 and others on September 7, 2023. According to many beliefs, this will be the 5250th birth anniversary of Lord Vishnu as Lord Krishna.

May the birth of Lord Krishna fill your home with joy and happiness. Hare Krishna!

As you welcome Lord Krishna into your home, may all your worries and problems go away. May you achieve success in life. Hare Krishna!

May Lord Krishna become your saarthi and show the path of righteousness as he did with Pandavas.

May the little Krishna fill your home with reasons to be happy. Hare Krishna!

As you celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna in 2023, may you be blessed with good news and a happy family life. 

May Lord Krishna arrive at your home and eat all the makhan that you have kept aside for him.

May Lord Krishna empower you with strength and help you achieve new milestones in life.

May you be blessed with the positivity and affection of your loved ones this Janmashtami. 

As you celebrate Janmashtami this year, may Lord Krishna help you bid farewell to evil thoughts. 

We pray that you and your family celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna with utmost joy, and may your home be filled with happiness. 

On the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, we wish you and your family a happy year ahead.

May your home be filled with positivity and evil eyes cannot cause any harm to you. Happy Krishna Janmashtami. 

Warm wishes for you and your family this Krishna Janmashtami. May you celebrate the festival with your loved ones and welcome Lord Krishna in a positive environment.

Little Kanha was mischievous but adorable. May your house be blessed with a cute angel like him. 

Keep your heart young and mind sharp like Lord Krishna. Happy Janmashtami.

May all your troubles come to an end this Janmashtami. Radhe Krishna!

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