Pongal Celebration - A Harvest of Happiness

Step into the festivities as Pongal season begins with vibrant kolams adorning the thresholds, welcoming prosperity and happiness.

Festive Beginnings

Witness the heart of Pongal celebrations with farmers dressed in traditional attire, performing age-old harvest rituals to honor the bountiful harvest season

Harvest Rituals

Pongal Pots on Fire

Experience the aromatic delight as earthen pots bubble with the essence of Pongal, a traditional dish made from freshly harvested rice and lentils.

Joyful Jallikattu

Feel the adrenaline rush as communities come together for Jallikattu, a thrilling traditional sport that adds an extra layer of joy to Pongal celebrations.

Feast and Fellowship

Wrap up the celebrations with a joyous feast, where families and friends gather to share the delicious flavors of Pongal and create lasting memories.