Unveiling Some Mind-Blowing Hidden Facts

The Maiden Host: Oman Takes the Reins

Oman's hosting of the Asia Cup marks its debut as a host country, bringing its unique charm to the cricketing event.

Pink Ball Debut: Night-Time Thrills Await

Asia Cup 2023 will see the introduction of day-night matches with the pink ball, adding a new layer of excitement under floodlights.

Bhutan's Debut: A Historic Moment

Bhutan's cricket team will make its Asia Cup debut, marking a significant milestone for the nation's cricketing journey.

The Umpire Review Breakthrough

A unique feature of Asia Cup 2023 is the "Umpire Review Break," allowing teams to challenge an umpire's decision once per innings.

The Iconic Venues: A Trip Across Asia

Matches will be held not just in traditional cricketing nations but also in lesser-known venues, showcasing cricket's reach across Asia.

The World of Web Stories: Exclusive Coverage

Explore the Asia Cup 2023 through engaging and interactive web stories, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses and player insights.

Legendary Commentators: Voices of Experience

Legendary cricket commentators from across Asia will provide insightful analysis, adding depth to the viewing experience.