15 Astonishing Hidden Facts You Didn't Know

The Historic Clash

The rivalry between India and Pakistan in cricket dates back to 1952. It's not just about a match; it's a battle of emotions and pride.

The Coin Toss Drama

In a previous Asia Cup clash, the toss winner lost the match. This unusual trend has occurred more times than you'd think.

The Maiden Century

Discover the first-ever century maker in an India-Pakistan Asia Cup match and the thrilling story behind it.

Wicketless Wonders

Uncover the surprising bowlers who never managed to get a wicket in their Asia Cup encounters against the arch-rivals.

The Unbreakable Record

Witness the record that still stands strong, holding its ground against all odds.

The Legendary Duel

Relive the iconic battles between cricket legends from both sides, featuring some unforgettable showdowns.

The Fanatic Fanbase

The Asia Cup 2023 Ind vs Pak match will have millions of fans worldwide. Get a glimpse of the passion that this rivalry ignites.